Tree & Bench Commemoration

The City of Abilene’s Parks and Recreation Dept. and KAB are pleased to offer a memorial program to honor and remember friends and relatives. The program is designed to assist the City, through donor funding, to plant trees and install benches in locations that have been identified as appropriate, and suitable.

A tree or bench is a unique gift that lasts for several lifetimes. A wonderful way to cherish the memory of a loved one, celebrate a birth, honor personnel in uniform, and commemorate a wedding or anniversary.

Tree Contribution $200

The funds received are used to purchase the tree, commemorate the person and/or event, provide care and protection for the tree, and help beautify our parks.

Each tree will be a 15-20 gallon tree and you may select from one of the following species: Chinese Pistache, Shumard Red Oak, Live Oak or Bur Oak.

Bench Contribution $750

The memorial bench will provide a peaceful place of rest and a plaque on the backrest will commemorate the honoree or event of your choice. You may select wood or recycled plastic lumber for the bench material.

After the tree is planted or bench is installed, the contact person will receive a certificate and map of the placement location.

Orders must be received by September 1st to be placed in October and November, weather permitting. Payment is due at the time order is placed. These donations qualify as a tax deductible charitable contribution.

Please complete the form below and return via mail with your check or money order to: Keep Abilene Beautiful, PO Box 60, Abilene, TX 79604 OR you may make your credit card payment at 325-734-3301.

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