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Planting this Fall to Get Ready for Spring

Fall is the perfect time to plant your wildflower seeds and bulbs before winter sets in. After a hot summer, fall’s cool temperatures makes it easier on on seeds and bulbs allowing the roots to grow and establish before the ground freezes.

Wildflower Seed Balls for Beautiful Texas Spring Blooms

How to Plant Fall Bulbs

Planting Tips

Recommended plants for West Texas zone and what month is best to plant.

Gardening and Landscaping in Texas.

Gardening in Texas: 11 Tips & Facts for Beginners.

Urban Farmer: Vegetable Planting Calendar.

Winter Gardening Tips.

Texas Gardening.

Additional Resources

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Yard Care:

Need More Information on Yard Care?

Visit Take Care Of Texas – Do Your Part Videos to watch instructional videos.

  • “How to Start Composting in Your Own Backyard,” featuring Travis County Master Gardener Patricia Mokry, explains simple ways to begin and maintain various types of compost.
  • “Build a Rain Barrel” is a step-by-step demonstration on how to assemble your very own rain barrel using a 32 gallon plastic trash container.
  • “Preparing Your Irrigation System for Spring” provides step-by-step instructions to help you prepare your irrigation system before you begin watering regularly.
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