Community Appearance Index

Keep Abilene Beautiful Needs You!

The Community Appearance Index is a yearly roadside litter audit. The results provide metrics that help determine the impact of litter on the quality of life in our community. They also help set goals and develop effective community improvement education programs and projects.

How does it work?

Volunteers have different roles in the audit – some drive the vehicles, some navigate, and at least 9 volunteers per district observe the type and volume of litter that they see. The information collected is compiled into a report and sent to Keep America Beautiful to be added to the national database.

Volunteers assess the roads using a 1 to 4 scale

Where do we evaluate litter?

Abilene has 5 Districts and each district has 10 sites to evaluate. We will break into groups that will each evaluate ONE district.

Do we clean-up each site?

No. The Community Appearance Index is all about data collection. You will evaluate the spot and record your data. Then on to the next location on your list.

Why do we do it?

The Community Appearance Index is a great tool used to keep track of litter prevention and education. The scores change over time and between locations, allowing KAB to map out the problem areas and deploy Adopt-A-Spot and other groups to specific areas of trouble.

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