Grants & Loot For Litter

Keep Abilene Beautiful Grant Program:

Have an idea or project you’d like to bring to life and think Keep Abilene Beautiful would be a good partner?  Fill out Keep Abilene Beautiful Grant Application.

Grant Deadlines: Please note the following deadlines for grant review. Grant applications received during each quarter will be reviewed after the conclusion of that quarter. Decisions may take up to 10 weeks from the deadline to be reviewed. You will be contacted after a decision has been made on your request, regardless of the outcome.

Quarter 1: March 15th

Quarter 2: June 15th

Quarter 3: September 15th

Quarter 4: December 15th

Loot For Litter:

Funds will be made available to organizations or Adopt-a-Street/Creek participants who meet certain eligibility requirements. If approved, Keep Abilene Beautiful (KAB) Loot for Litter Program will fund up to $100 per litter pickup event. KAB will fund no more than 6 litter cleanups totaling no more than $600 per year. No private property cleanups are eligible.

Eligibility Requirements-
Applicants must meet the requirements listed below:
 Applicant agrees to provide at least two before and two after pictures to KAB.
 Applicant must agree to supply the labor. Applicants will also be responsible for signing and returning the Release of Liability Form and providing adequate adult supervision.
 Applications may be disqualified from receiving awards in subsequent years if the organization or Adopt-a-Street/Creek participant has not complied with these requirements.

Applicants must fill out a KAB Loot for Litter application and turn in any additional required information. The KAB Loot for Litter committee has up to 10 days to review and respond to applicants. Groups or Adopt-a-Street/Creek participants agree to complete event as agreed upon. Other than weather related cancellation, a seven (7) day notice is required if cleanup has to be cancelled.

Loot for Litter Application