Litter Free School Zone

The Litter Free School Zone program gives all students the training and specific education needed to understand the importance of keeping their school and its perimeter litter free.  In addition, students will learn their role and responsibilities in their environment.

Participating schools that maintain their litter free commitment for a period of six months will be declared a Litter Free School Zone with the posting of a sign at their school location.

Program Elements:

  • 30-45 minute presentation over litter provided by Keep Abilene Beautiful or Representative
  • Assistance with coordinating a campus clean up
  • Assistance with a student designed anti-litter campaign for their campus
  • Official Litter Free School Zone sign-posting at end of project

Supplemental Elements if interested:

  • Assistance with coordinating a field trip to a local waste-related facility
  • Assistance with coordinating an offsite litter clean up