Litter Free Abilene

Whether you’re a private citizen, a local business or a neighborhood school, you have a stake in helping Abilene solve its litter problem.  That’s why Keep Abilene Beautiful has created this Litter Free Abilene Campaign.  See which option provides the best way for you to join the movement for a litter free city.

Litter Free Zone

There’s a Litter Free Zone in your future

Want to help unlitter Abilene?  Want to live where people care, and trash on the streets isn’t tolerated?  Then turn your neighborhood into a Litter Free Zone.

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Litter Free School Zone

It’s smart to become a Litter Free School Zone

This core element of the Keep Abilene Beautiful program helps engage Abilene’s youth in efforts to maintain a clean city, reduce waste and learn how their actions affect the way their schools, block and city looks.  Students learn the benefits of waste management, and the reduce-reuse-recycle philosophy.

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Litter Free Business

Make your Business a leader in fighting litter

Businesses all over the city are joining the litter free movement by taking part in the Litter Free Business program.  It’s a great way to set an example and to let your customers know you care about the neighborhood you do business in and to help continue the fight against litter.

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